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Bear Fruit

Book Proposal Guidelines

2013 Brochure

Called to "Write His Answer" Bible study

CD Order Form GPCWC 2013
CD order form

Counts GPCWC 2013

Crisis of Confidence

Directions Cairn U to Radisson rev

Lay a Solid Foundation

Needs of Christian Periodicals

Page 1 Director's Message & Markets

Page 14 Lodging Reservation Form

Page 15 Registration Form

Page 2 Keynotes & General Session

Page 3 Clinics & Thursday Specials revised

Page 6 & 7 - Other Faculty Rev 6

Pages 10 & 11 Schedule

Pages 12 and 13 Location & Travel

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Pages 8 & 9 workshops revised

Paid critique transmittal form

Put on the Armor

Teens Write 2013

Writer's Statement of Faith

Indie Publishing with Create Space

More than a Writers Conference
ASSIST News Article

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Ed Needs Agents & Others

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Authors GP 20214

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HO-2014 W1B

HO-2014 W6G

CD Order form Post GPCWC 2014
CD order form

CD order form Post GPCWC 2014

Steps to Publishing

Bk Proposal Clinic Windle HO
BP Clinic

Bk Proposal Clinic Windle HO
BP Clinic

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To help you prepare

2015 Checklist to help you prepare

Chart - Appts

Chart for choosing faculty for appointments

Chart - Pd Cr

Chart for choosing paid critiquerds

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HO-2015 E3

HO-2015 E11

HO-2015 E11

Blackside Concepts

APPT. 7.20

HO-2015 CS6-1

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HO-2015 CS6-3

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HO-2015 TW6

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HO-2015 CS2-1

HO-2015 CS2-2

HO-2015 CS2-3

HO-2015 CS2-4

HO-2015 CS2-5

HO-2015 6E

HO-2015 E15 (CORRECT)

HO-2015 E1

HO-2015 E4 (CORRECT)

HO-2015 CS7-1A

HO-2015 CS7-1B

HO-2015 1A

HO-2015 GS3

HO-2015 TS1

HO-2015 4B

HO-2015 CS2-6

HO-2015 2A

HO-2015 3B

HO-2015 4F-1

HO-2015 4F-2

2016 Cont Sessions p 4 & 5

Hook Em checklist

2015 CD order form

Radisson 2016

2016 keynotes

The Cross Is the Main Thing

Link to Michael Gantt's keynote at the Greater Philly Christian Writers Conference, July 31, 2015, and slides of Marlene's PowerPoint presentation September 6, 2015, to the adult Sunday school class at Covenant Community Church.

2016 workshops

2016 Brochure

2016 schedule

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Book Signing Tips

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2016 Book Consignment Form

HO-2016 CS6a

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HO-2016 E10c

HO-2016 E10d

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HO-2016 3E

2016 CD order form

2016 CD order form

2016 CD order form

Go & Grow
Go & Grow Write & Speak though the Hurts

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2017 brochure

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