2021 Pre-Conference Workshops


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Write 400 Words and Get Published! – Debbie Hardy
How would you like to get published in months, not years? Check out this workshop and learn some easy methods to improve your writing skills and see your work in print! We'll be learning the ChristianDevotions.US method and other formulas for putting your ideas into words.

LIVE Zoom Meeting
May 6 

The Dreaded “E” Word – Edwina Perkins 
Getting the words on the page is only the first step. Next, time to edit. The ability to self-edit is an important component to polishing your manuscript. Any writer who is serious about publication needs to work hard to learn how to self-edit. This workshop will introduce you to some basic—and not so basic—self-editing tips to help take your manuscript to the next level. Participants need to email a copy of their first page of a writing project to haleybarb@yahoo.com one week before the workshop.

The Weight of the First Page – Linda Glaz
Learn to put POP! and action onto the first page of your work, in a manner that keeps a potential reader … well … reading.

Pitching to Industry Professionals – Linda Glaz
Learn how to construct the much-needed Pitch.

     Zoom Meetings more info, day/time, and link coming to registered conferees

June 8 & 15 (Time and link to be provided)
Developing a Great Nonfiction Pitch – Karen Whiting
Make the best pitch to not only grab an editor’s attention to help get a contract, but to start developing the marketing (tweaking a pitch to focus on the reader flow from the original pitch). Karen Whiting, author of 27 traditionally published books, will provide individual help to polish each person’s pitch. An effective pitch will, in 30 seconds:

Practice Your Fiction Pitch – Gayle Roper
So you only have a few minutes tops. What do you say to catch the ear of an editor, an agent--anybody? Let's work together on your pitch. Let's get the best first sentence you can devise, the best story arc you can present in the fewest words. If ever there's a time you need to prepare, it's now so you sound professional and your story sounds irresistible.

Wednesday, June 23

Early Bird Workshops

4:00 pm – 5:00 pm    
Kick Out Clichés and Christianese – Ava Pennington
Have you encouraged readers to watch and pray and to stay in the Word while walking the straight and narrow so the world will not tarnish their trophy of grace? Is it your fervent prayer to carry your cross, live an abundant life, and let go and let God in the midst of your wilderness experiences? If we want our writing to make an impact in this day and age, in the final analysis, we must think outside the box and avoid clichés like the plague or our writing will be behind the eight ball!
     How many Christianese phrases and clichés did you find in the above paragraphs? Whether you are writing for believers or unbelievers, learn how to kick out clichés and Christianese for more effective writing. Your editors and readers will thank you!
     In addition to writing, Ava teaches a weekly Bible Study Fellowship (BSF) class. The class of 300 women represents 60+ different churches. Some class members are seekers, not affiliated with any church. She must teach in a way that speaks to both Christians and seekers – that means avoiding Christianese and clichés!

7:00 pm – 8:00 pm     
Brandstorming – Dick Bruso
Don’t miss out! Learn how to set yourself apart by attending Dick Bruso’s highly acclaimed story-based Brandstorming session for creating powerful, unique, and enduring brands in a very noisy marketplace. 

For well over two decades, Dick has presented his in-demand Brandstorming program all across North America. This year, it’s being offered virtually, at no additional cost, as a special bonus, via Zoom, to all registrants of the 2021 Greater Philly Christian Writers Conference.

During this dynamic interactive session, Dick will demonstrate (with the assistance of two randomly selected attendees) how you and your writer colleagues can develop brands based on your unique and powerful life stories. You’ll also learn the secret of how to apply the “umbrella branding” approach to encompass all aspects of your career as a professional writer while staying totally congruent with your desired target markets.