Brochure 2019

I have told many people about the conference
being far more than a writers conference,
that it is also a conference vitally interested
in missions, current events, prayer,
and a deep love for fellow believers.

Wynn Bauman – conferee


Click here to access our 16-page brochure online. Please note that workshop 2A and 3A have been switched.

Please help spread the word about this year’s conference by requesting extra brochures for writing friends and your church. I am convinced that every church has at least one “closet” writer. You will receive a $25 credit at the conference book table for anyone not on our USPS or email list who mentions your name when registering. If you’re using the workshop grid in the brochure to make your choices, please note two changes. 2A and 3A are reversed as are 3G and 4G. In other words. 2A The Watchman’s Burden, is now workshop 3A on Saturday. Saturday’s 3A Writing Out of a Broken Heart, is now workshop 2A on Friday. I apologize for the confusion.



As a 25-year publishing veteran who has worked with close to 1,000 writers
including numerous NY Times best-selling authors),
I've experienced a huge variety of writer conferences.
Two that consistently stand out as a force for making good writers better
and launching new authors are the
Greater Philly and Colorado Christian Writers Conference
—both, not coincidentally—led by Marlene Bagnull.

Marlene's passion and industry knowledge has created a powerful place
dor Christian creatives to gather and grow.
I have personally invested in both conferences as a speaker and teacher.
The reason why is I'm a fan of her vision for writers
because I see the breakthrough that occurs at these events. 

Allen Arnold
Author, Speaker, Former Christian Industry Executive

Allen is the author of The Story of With, an allegory that reveals a better way to live and create through the doorway of identity, imagination, and intimacy. His mission is to help people actively pursue and transform their talent by discovering how to pursue it with God. As the founding Fiction Publisher for one of the world's largest Christian publishing houses, Allen oversaw the development of hundreds of novels. He knows first-hand how common it is for creators to become disheartened, overwhelmed or burnt-out–as well as what it takes to help the dreams of writers become reality. In his current role at Ransomed Heart, he oversees content from the mountains of Colorado for the ministry. Before becoming a Board Member for ACFW, he was awarded their Lifetime Achievement Award in 2012 for his substantial contributions to the world of Christian Fiction.