Handouts 2021


Disclaimer: These handouts have been prepared for the 2021 Greater Philadelphia Christian Writers Conference and are available only to those who have registered for the conference. Please respect the copyright that belongs to the creator of the handout(s) and print only for your own use. If you wish to use them in any other forum, please contact the workshop presenter to get his/her permission. Thank you!


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May 6                The Dreaded “E” Word with Edwina Perkins

June 8 & 15       Developing a Great Nonfiction Pitch with Karen Whiting (not recorded)

June 13 & 14      Practice Your Fiction Pitch with Gayle Roper (not recorded)



4:00-5:00 pm     Kick Out Cliches and Christianese with Ava Pennington     Click Here

7:00-8:00 pm     Brandstorming with Dick Bruso   Click Here



CS1     Impact Our Culture

            Thursday 10:30-11:45             America at the Crossroads with Charles Patricoff

            Thursday 4:00-5:15                 The Burden of the Watchman with Michael Gantt     Click Here

            Friday 10:30-11:45                  Preserving the Family with Rick Marschall

            Friday 4:00-5:15                      Victory Through Voice with Victoria Dorshorn     Click Here     Click Here     Click Here

            Saturday 10:30-11:45             The Price of Mercy with Bruce Porter

            Saturday 3:15-4:30                 Get Out of the Boat with Angie Bass Williams     Click Here

CS2     Writing (and Selling!) Personal Experience Stories with  B.J. Taylor     Click Here     Click Here     Click Here

CS3     The Novelist's Toolbox with Terry Brennan     None

CS4     From Idea to Manuscript to Masterpiece with Sharon Norris Elliott     Click Here

CS5     Go Indie

            Thursday 10:30-11:45      Introduction to Hybrid Publishing with Larry Carpenter     Click Here     Click Here

            Thursday 4:00-5:15          Understanding the Do-It Yourself Process with Linda Goldfarb     Click Here   Click Here

            Friday 10:30-11:45           Taking Your Self-Publishing from Good to Great: 6 Deadly Self-
                                                     Publishing Mistakes and How to Fix Them—Part 1 with Karen       
                                                     Bouchard and Michael Klassen

            Friday 4:00-5:15               Taking Your Self-Publishing from Good to Great: 6 Deadly Self-
                                                     Publishing Mistakes and How to Fix Them—Part 2 with Karen      
                                                     Bouchard and Michael Klassen

            Saturday 10:30-11:45       Front Matter, Back Matter with David Fessenden     Click Here

            Saturday 3:15-4:30          How to Design Your Book Cover and Write Your Title and Back
                                                     Cover Copy with Amy Deardon     None

CS6     Write Nonfiction Books that Change Lives with Jim Watkins

CS7     Picture Books Clinic with Pam Halter and Kim Sponaugle     None

CS8     Serve Your Audience: The #1 Way to Grow a Rock-solid Platform with Patricia Durgin


WORKSHOP 1— THURSDAY 11:50-12:50

1A     Overcome Writer's Block and Increase Productivity with Amy Deardon     None

1B     Does My Writing Offend You? with Edwina Perkins     Click Here     Click Here

1C     Deep, Deep, Deep Deeper POV with Linda Glaz

1D     How to Write Devotions People Love to Share with Beth Patch     Click Here     Click Here

1E     Publishing 101 with Deb Haggerty     Click Here     Click Here     Click Here     Click Here     Click Here     Click Here     Click Here     Click Here     Click Here     Click Here     Click Here     Click Here     Click Here     Click Here     Click Here     Click Here

1F     Make the Most of Little Tools with Karen Whiting   Click Here

1G     Utilize the Digital Mission Field with Dr. Mel Tavares     None



2A     Healing through Writing – Journals, Blogs, Books & More with Michele Chynoweth     Click Here     Click Here

2B     Taking Your Craft to the Next Level with Karen Bouchard

2C     The Heartbeat of Inspirational Romance with Susan Baganz     Click Here

2D     The Genuine Article: From Idea to Acceptance with Marti Pieper

2E     Nonfiction Proposals that Pop with Jim Hart     Click Here

2F     Marketing for Introverts with Catherine Lawton     Click Here

2G     Find Your Readers on Social Media with Rachel Schmoyer     None


WORKSHOP 3—FRIDAY 11:50-12:50

3A     The Emotionally Fit Writer with Jendayi “J” Harris

3B     A Writer's Armor with Edwina Perkins     Click Here

3C     Researching Your Novel with Liz Curtis Higgs   Click Here

3D     Verb Power with Scoti Domeij

3E     Internet Safety for Writers with Rachel Kent

3F     Marketing for Today's Market with Blythe Daniel     None

3G    Writing Nonfiction for Children with Karen Whiting     Click Here



4A      How to Make Kindle Vella, Bingebooks, and Pubby Reviews Grow Your Brand and Increase Book Sales with Eddie Jones

4B     Grammar – What You REALLY Need to Know with Marie Collinson     Click Here

4C     First Round Edits Using Story Structure with Janyre Tromp     None

4D     So, You Want to Write a Nonfiction Book with Jim Hart     Click Here

4E    Making Your Book Line Up to a Felt Need with Blythe Daniel      None

4F     Launch Your Book with David Winters     Click Here

4G    The How-to and Why of Writing Poetry with Catherine Lawton & Angie Bass Williams     Click Here     Click Here



5A     The Business of Writing/Editing with Deb Haggerty     None

5B     Revelation, Inspiration, or Perspiration with Angie Bass Williams     Click Here

5C     Be BOLD! Bridging the Gap through Edgy Christian Fiction with Michele Chynoweth     Click Here     Click Here     Click Here     Click Here     Click Here     Click Here

5D     Narrative Nonfiction: The Power of Story with Marti Pieper

5E     The Art and Science of a Fiction Proposal with Janyre Tromp     None

5F     How to Write Great Marketing Copy and Get Your work the Attention it Deserves! with
         Karen Bouchard

5G     Secrets to Crafting a Talk that Sells Books with Michael Klassen     Click Here



6A     How to Make a Living as a Freelance Writer with Michael Klassen     Click Here

6B     Self-Editing Checklist with Kathryn Ross     Click Here

6C     SHOW and TELL TIME: How to KNOW if You SHOW! With T.E. Bradford     Click Here

6D     20 Tips to Better Profile Interviews with Ava Pennington     Click Here

6E     The Publishing Contract with David Fessenden     Click Here

6F     Improve Your Book's Amazon Rank with Susan Neal     Click Here     Click Here     Click Here

6G    Writing Books for Children with Michelle Lazurek     Click Here