Keynotes 2018


"Thank you for organizing and leading such a God-glorifying,
well-run, informative, challenging, and inspirational writers conference.
Your heart for writers, your discernment of these times
as challenging and crucial for the communication of the gospel,
and the commitment you encourage in all involved
will continue to lead delegates to Write His Answer.”

Jeff McDonald

Public invited free of charge!
All keynotes are in the Clemens Center Chapel
Dock Mennonite Academy
Lansdale, PA


Thursday, 7:30 pm
Declaring God’s Truth in a Digital Age of Half Truths

DJ Williams


Dr. Craig von Buseck
Author, Speaker, Teacher
Editor of Content,

Craig is an author, speaker, teacher, and Editor of Content for, the official website of Inspiration Ministries that saw more than one million visitors come to Christ last year. He is also a contributing writer for, MTL Magazine, and His books include Praying the News: Your Prayers Are More Powerful Than You Know, co-written by 700 Club co-host Wendy Griffith, and NetCasters: Using the Internet to Make Fishers of Men. His most recent book is Nobody Knows: The Harry T. Burleigh Story—a narrative biography of the great African-American composer who led the way in making the African-American spirituals known to the world.

The Internet is connecting billions of people around the world – through social media, blogs, articles, book excerpts, tweets, videos, and many other forms. The opportunities to reach people with the Good News are seemingly endless, but we cannot assume we will always have the freedom to do so. In a day where increasingly Christians are labeled as speaking words of hate rather than love, how do we effectively share our faith and thus draw people to the Lord rather than push them away?

Friday, 8:30 am
The Arm of Flesh Will Fail

Michael Gantt

Michael Gantt

Pastor, Blogger  
Director, Kenya Development Fund

Michael served in pulpit ministry for 45 years and as Senior Minister at Agape Christian Fellowship in Brattleboro, Vermont. Most recently, he is the director of the Kenya Development Fund, a strategic development ministry among the deaf of Kenya. He travels widely, preaching in churches and conferences across America and around the world. He maintains his blog site where he writes on a variety of issues. His heartbeat is driven by the twin themes of guarding the integrity and authority of the Bible and the restoration of the home as the Center of the Kingdom.

Many in the body of Christ have chosen to battle the forces of darkness with the arm of flesh. The result is that the wicked are confident there is nothing to limit their “fundamental transformation” of America. The church has been deceived, Delilah has cut off our hair, our strength is gone, and the Philistines are upon us. But there’s hope! The hope of the early believers who understood their times even as we need to understand ours. And as writers, we are uniquely positioned to sound a wake-up call and communicate the hope that is ours in Christ.

Friday, 7:30 pm
The Freedoms of a Christian Writer

Louise Looney
Robert Cook 

Author, Pastor
Founder, 252 Underground Youth Ministry  

Rob is the award winning, international bestselling author of REGENER8 and ILLUMIN8, two teen devotionals. His newest title, Youthanize; Death of the Traditional Youth Ministry, will inspire and teach others how to reach young people with the message of the gospel. Rob has dedicated the last 20+ years of his life to reaching teens for Christ as the executive director and pastor of 252 Underground Youth Ministry, a parachurch organization he founded in 2004. He is the lead pastor of a church in Philadelphia, where he lives with his wife Stephanie and their son Christian. You can find him on Facebook.

As Christians we enjoy many freedoms. We have the freedom to read our Bible whenever and wherever we want. We have the freedom to pray. We have the freedom to help the poor. As a Christian writer, we have the freedom to share the Gospel message through stories, books, articles, and columns. We have the freedom to share the love of God through our craft. Yes, we indeed have many freedoms, but the freedom we practice the most is the freedom to do....nothing.

Finish Strong

Al Janssen
Louise L. Looney

Author, Speaker
Bible Teacher, Mentor   

Louise has taught in all levels of education. She also taught in the prison system. She directed a Christian Retreat Center for 15 years and served as the Spiritual Director in a psychiatric hospital. However, she says her greatest accomplishments have been since she was in her mid-seventies, when she started going to China to teach in an underground Bible school.

Her writing career began at age 79. Since then, she has written six books. Her first book received the Selah Award for the ”Best Book on Christian Living, 2011.”  Louise is a sought-after speaker. Her greatest desire is to leave a powerful legacy through her writings and speaking engagements.

God gives every person the talent and ability to finish well. Even when we get sidetracked and off the beaten pathway, we can learn lessons to encourage others. Our writing can be a life changing legacy that survives long after we are gone. 

Following the keynotes please join us for:

Author Interviews – all conferees and faculty with a published book (traditional or indie) will be invited to hold up their latest book and share something about it.

Book Signing – Think birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, and how much your purchase will mean to an author. 

Saturday, 8:30 am
“Be Still and Know”

Angie Bass Willliams 

Pastor, Author, Speaker

Angie Bass Williams is a retired Federal employee and a Support Pastor at Grace Mennonite Fellowship in Harrisonburg, Virginia.  She preaches in various denominations, and is a guest on Valley Family Forum’s television and radio programs. Angie has served as Publicity Director and Prayer Ministry Team Leader for interdenominational evangelistic crusades.

She was Advertising Director and Staff Writer for “Blessings” magazine, and operated a home-based writing and editing business. She enjoys writing poetry, hospitality, teaching Bible studies, and helping others to get their books published.

Her book, Jesus Wants Your Mind!, demonstrates how to allow God’s Word to dominate our thinking, producing spiritual maturity. Angie underwent breast cancer surgery and radiation treatments while writing Joy In Adversity. This account of God’s overcoming power in her life serves to encourage and build the faith of others who are walking through life’s trials. Having experienced many episodes of physical suffering and difficult times, such as the loss of three babies and numerous surgeries, Angie says, “We are what we are in adversity!” One of her favorite Scriptures is Philippians 4:6-7, which tells us not to worry, but to pray and thank God for the answers, resulting in His perfect peace.

Move to a deeper level of faith and intimacy with God by establishing a pattern of stillness before Him.    Since that which dominates the mind controls the person, let’s reclaim the ancient Biblical art of meditation, which can enable us to find God’s peace and courage to face daily challenges.

Saturday, 4:30 pm
Tim Shoemaker             
Full-time Author, Speaker since 2004

Tim is the author of 11 books and is a popular speaker at conferences around the country. Code of Silence, the first in his middle-grade series, was listed by Booklist in the “Top Ten Crime Novels for Youth.” Tim speaks at churches and parachurch organizations such as Focus on the Family, Iron Sharpens Iron Men’s Conferences, and Moody Pastors Conference. He speaks at homeschool conventions as well as retreats for men and couples. He also speaks at public and Christian schools across the country—so if you know a librarian, principal, or English teacher, talk to Tim about that. Happily married for over 35 years, Tim has three grown sons and still loves doing volunteer youth work.

As writers, we see the condition of our world, the choices people make—and the pain they live with as a result. We have a deep desire to make a difference through our writing. To warn people. Reveal truth. Convict. To protect people . . . move them to change . . . and nudge them closer to God.

But writing and getting published is a daunting task.

We’ll look at Nehemiah, a man who built a protective wall around God’s people and remained undaunted despite tremendous opposition and hardship. And we’ll see how we can be undaunted as writers—finishing the task God has given us as well.


Some of our general sessions will include Missions Moments
addressing world needs and issues.
You will have an opportunity to participate
in free will offerings as the Lord leads you.