Application for Partial Scholarship

Scholarship Form

Applications will be considered through July 10.

Please note: Scholarships are available for a maximum of 50% off the registration fee. No scholarship help is available for early bird workshops, paid critiques, clinic, lodging, or meals.

Before applying for a scholarship, please talk to your pastor, Sunday school class, prayer group, Christian friend, or family member to ask if they can help. If you can manage the cost by making time payments, please email rather than completing this scholarship application.

Date:   mm/dd/yyyy format
First Name:
Mid Init:
Last Name:
Day Phone:
Night Phone:
Cell Phone:

I want to attend this conference because:
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My writing goals are:
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Steps I'm taking to reach these goals:
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Current work in progress:
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I need a scholarship because:
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I plan to register for (Friday and/or Saturday)
$ Registration fee (based on date requested scholarship)
$ Thursday Learning Lab $55 OR Thursday Early Bird Workshops (1 @ $25, 2 @ $40, or all 3 @ $55
$ Paid critique(s) @ $30 each
$ Meals: Fri & Sat lunch ($10 each) Fri dinner ($13)
Less $ (Amount of scholarship needed - up to 50% off registration fee only. So that we can provide help to as many as possible, please do not request more than you need.)
$ Balance
$ Amount I can pay when I register.
(A minimum deposit of $50 is required. It will be refunded if you are not chosen to receive a scholarship.)
I will pay balance due at the door.
Please arrange monthly payments.
# of payments      Each payment amount $      beginning
NOTE: Monthly payments are NOT available for paid critiques. This amount MUST be paid before the conference.

Working Scholarships
A limited number of working scholarships for up to 50% of your registration fee are available on a first-come basis. A working scholarship and partial scholarship cannot be combined for more than 50% of your registration fee. Realistically, please do not plan to work more than 2 hours a day during the conference (a total of 6 hours). Help is also needed for set-up on Thursday morning.
I am interested in paying for a portion of my registration fee through a working scholarship.
I would like to work hours at $10 per hour if possible.
Total amount I hope to have credited to my registration fee: $
Please check ways you are interested in helping. Someone will contact you with your assignment.
Help with publicity prior to conference
Hand delivering brochures to churches
Help with set up Thursday, July 26
Help during conference where most needed (maximum 2 hours a day)
Transportation from/to airport
Transportation between conference and Holiday Inn
Help in Lansdale, PA office
Other creative ways I could help (PLEASE EXPLAIN BELOW)
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I will help distribute conference brochures. Please send me brochures and credit me $25 for each person NOT on GPCWC's mailing list who registers on a brochure with my name.
I will respond to your request as soon as possible. I will do everything I can to make it possible for you to come. Together let's trust the Lord to meet your needs and ours from "His riches in glory" (Philippians 4:19 TLB).