Yes, the GPCWC offers incredible learning opportunities 
to help you write, publish, and promote your work.
But because we're living in critical days,
we also provide special sessions for all Christians
(not just those who feel called to write)
to deepen their faith and help them
to effectively share it.

If you are registered for the conference on Thursday,
there is no additional charge or need to register for these sessions. 

Others from the community are welcome to attend
the Thursday Specials at
$25 for one session
$40 for two
$55 for all three.

Non-conferees please click here for registration form.


Expanding Your Influence
Dr. Harold Arnold Jr. (Thursday, 10:00 am - noon)

In his final words before his ascension, Jesus Christ imparted a providential plan for those who are called by his name to impact culture. For more than two thousand years, this impartation of proof, power, and purpose has encouraged us as witnesses of Christ to enlarge our sphere of influence. Through a practical and insightful ten-step process, this workshop encourages and challenges Christ followers to focus intently on building an effective platform that honors God, enriches your community, and excites your personal passions.

Dr. Harold is founder of The Pursuit of Influence, an organization that helps individuals and organizations develop authentic relationships that convert to actionable results. Dr. Harold specializes in integrating theology, psychology, and culture in his resources and program delivery. He holds graduate degrees in Psychology and Marriage and Family Therapy and has authored two books by Judson Press, Marriage ROCKS for Christian Couples and the Marriage ROCKS for Christian Couples Leader’s Guide.

Dr. Harold is a senior marriage and relationship columnist for Called Magazine and has contributed articles to Focus on the Family and many other print and online magazines. He and his wife Dalia conduct marriage and relationship workshops internationally that empower relationships. Dr. Harold also trains and encourages leaders through his highly interactive Redemptive leadership workshops. In addition, Dr. Harold uses his blog at haroldarnold.com and “The Leading You Home” podcast to produce content that teaches on being a person of authentic and purposeful Influence regardless of the setting in which one operates. With all of his accomplishments, Dr. Harold is most proud of his marriage of more than twenty-six years and his two wonderful children, Quilan and Kyrsten.


Postmodernism, Worldview, and You! 
J.B. Hixson (Thursday, 1:00-3:00 pm)
President, Not By Works Ministries – www.NotByWorks.org  
Representative, Logos 6 – https://www.logos.com/6 

What is all the fuss about postmodernism and what exactly is it anyway? What does the search for Truth look like in a truthless age? We’ll dive into the way in which postmodern thought has influenced our worldview today and how Christians should respond.

J.B. has more than 25 years of ministry experience in the pastoral and academic arenas. He has a passion for communicating God’s Word in a clear and meaningful manner and for helping others learn how to study the Bible effectively for themselves. J.B. is the President of Not By Works Ministries in Groveland, IL, and host of the radio show Not By Works heard daily on radio stations across the country. He also serves on the adjunct faculty of several colleges and seminaries and has traveled to all 50 states where he has spoken in more than 450 churches and conferences. 

J.B. earned his B.A. degree from Houston Baptist University, Th.M. degree from Dallas Theological Seminary, and Ph.D. degree from Baptist Bible Seminary. He is the author of the books Getting the Gospel Wrong, The Gospel Unplugged, The Great Last Days Deception, Freely By His Grace, and What Lies Ahead, as well as numerous theological journal articles. J.B. and his wife, Wendy, live with their six children in Central Illinois. 


Dealing with Our Cultural Crisis
Finding Backbones, Not Wishbones

Rick Marschall (Thursday, 3:30 - 5:30)

The culture’s attacks on our Christian heritage and traditions -- indeed, on the Bible itself -- are getting more vicious every week. At one time, believers felt secure in retreating to home schools, the “remnant,” and our faith communities. Now, while we are still allowed to worship, speak, write, and think in America, it is our duty to defend the faith.

You do not have to be a political blogger or cultural warrior to engage the enemy of our souls, to push back against the demonization and destruction of our values. “Softly” or “boldly,” you can infuse your words with biblical values and godly themes. As the enemy attacks our lifestyles, our children’s future, and the Christian vision for this land, we all must push back! Subtly. Strongly. Persuasively. Aggressively. With love. With intelligence. With wisdom.

But push back we must. This session will discuss these points -- how America arrived at this place; how to be aware of subtle attacks; how to push back for God -- where, and when, and how to do so. Attendees should come prepared with examples of challenges and problems in their own experiences, and some of the time will be spent prayerfully sharing how we may all underpin our Christian witness with new boldness.

Rick has 74 books and hundreds of magazine articles to his credit. A former political cartoonist, editor of Marvel Comics, and writer for Disney, his fields as an author are as eclectic: popular culture; classical music; country music; biographies; television history; children's books; cartoons and comics; and Christian books, where his publishers have included Thomas Nelson, Faithwords, and Tyndale House. For four years he has produced the weekly blog of devotionals that feature music videos and address culture, worldview, church history, and matters of faith (www.MondayMinistry.com). 


There has never been a society in the history of mankind
whose moral values
have deteriorated so dramatically,
in such a short period of time,
as those of Americans in the last 50 years.
And so far it shows no sign of stopping. 

Bert M. Farias, "The American Church - How Deceived Are We?"