Teens Write 2017

Saturday, July 29
8:30 am to 5:15 pm

BONUS: A 15-minute appointment with an author or editor.

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$65 after July 10

 Homeschooled students
$39 through July 10
$49 after July 10

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8:30 – 9:30        You’re welcome to attend the Saturday morning keynote:
                            Say Yes to God – Live with Purpose – Kevin Wayne Johnson

9:45 – 10:30      
Dale McElhinney

Dale began writing mysteries and adventures when he was in fifth grade. He was inspired to write The Camp Soaring Eagle Mysteries and The Camp Mountain Top Mysteries when his son, Shaun, and his daughter, Kaitlyn, first went to overnight summer camps. Dale has been involved in children and youth ministries for the past 20 years and enjoys speaking at children’s retreats and church ministry conferences. 

Honest Heroes & Valid Villains
When you read a great story what makes you say, "Wow, wish I'd written that"?  Plot, description and voice are all important, but what makes you wish you could be part of the story is the characters. Are they real? Do you know anyone like them? Can you imagine "hanging" with them. Nothing spoils a story faster than characters that aren't believable. Hero's make mistakes. Villains aren't always pure evil (think Darth Vader). Before you write your first word, you need to know your characters. What are their big issues. What's happened in their lives that makes them feel, think and act they way they do. Believable characters make a believable story. One your readers will want to read. Bring your characters with you. Dress up like one of them if you want. Grab your hardhat, flashlight and a pick axe and and come ready to have some fun getting into their heads. (Yeah, it may be scary but that's where the pick axe and flashlight will come in handy. They're your characters, you'll survive.) Get to know what makes them tick. Or even tock.      

10:30 – 11:00    
Tessa Emily Hall

When Tessa’s fingers aren’t flying 116 WPM across the keyboard, she can be found speaking to teens, decorating her insulin pump, and acting in Christian films. Her favorite way to procrastinate is by connecting with readers on social media (@tessaemilyhall); her blog, Christ is Write; and website www.tessaemilyhall.com. Tessa believes that, if God has given you the desire and ability to write, then He has a specific plan for bringing your dream to pass in His perfect timing. The debut novel she penned at 16-years-old, Purple Moon (LPC Books), was a Selah 2014 Finalist. Her second YA novel, Unwritten Melody, released with Clean Reads fall 2016. Her teen devotional, working title Coffee Shop Chats, releases with Bethany House in 2018. She is an Associate Agent at Hartline Literary Agency, YA Acquisitions Editor for Illuminate YA (LPC Books imprint), and Founder/Editor of PursueMagazine.net. 

You’re Never Too Young to Begin
When I began my writing journey as a 15-year-old, I soon discovered that adults had differing opinions about teen writers. While most were supportive, others advised that I stay away from pursuing the writing journey until later in life. In this workshop, I’ll give a brief overview of my writing journey—including how I received a publishing contract when I was 16 years old—and discuss the pros and cons of pursuing writing at an early age.

11:00 - 11:15       Break   

11:15 – 12:00  
Susan Lyttek

Susan enjoys training up the next generation of writers by coaching 6th to 12th grade homeschool students. In fact, she spends more time with those under 18 than she does with adults. In addition to fostering their writing skills, she tutors algebra because she loves it and French for the same reason. Susan has a passion for youth and helping them find the answer that God wants each of them to write. As some of her tools to connect with them, she reads mostly YA and below, listens to music of all genres as long as the message is God-honoring, and practicesTae Kwon Do (aiming for her 3rd degree this year) in a class that's predominately youth.. She is the author of four novels, and award-winning writer, blogger, wife, and mother to two homeschool graduates. She writes in time snippets and on random pieces of scratch paper.

The Darkest, Stormiest, and Scariest Night   
Whether your novel is plot driven or character driven, making the conflict both realistic and compelling can present a problem. During this one hour workshop, we will practice several techniques designed to drive your characters to their worst possible moment and keep your readers turning pages.       

12:00 – 12:30     Pizza Feast Lunch             

12:30 – 1:15

Terry Brennan

Terry knows from first hand experience that writing is often a lng, lonely journey with fear, doubt, and anxiety as our only companions. He has also learned to persevere and is now a Carol-award-winning author of a trilogy of suspense thrillers, THE JERUSALEM PROPHECIES.  suspense/thrillers based on a mix of ancient history, undeciphered codes, and modern geo-political realities. His first novel series, THE JERUSALEM PROPHECIES, was released by Kregel Publications: The Sacred Cipher in July 2009, The Brotherhood Conspiracy in June 2013, and The Aleppo Code in October 2015. In August 2016, The Aleppo Code won the ACFW’s Carol Award as best Suspense/Thriller of 2015.. You’ll want to order the CD of Terry’s Friday evening keynote, “Courage for Dry Bones.” Better still, come Friday evening when we’ll also have a book signing. 

Plot Skeleton     
Story-telling began with ancient myths being shared around a roaring fire at the dawn of time. Times have changed and our stories are more sophisticated, but the universal structure of good story-telling remains the same. The Plot Skeleton workshop will give you a step-by-step insight into these ancient but universal elements and the tools to put those elements to work in your writing. The Plot Skeleton workshop does not include any zombies. :) 

 1:15 - 1:45 
Karen Whiting 
Karen is the author of sixteen books for women, families, and children plus hundreds of articles, media appearances, and speaking engagements. She has five children and a dozen grandchild (six boys and six girls). I love to laugh and I’ve taken a white water rafting trip in Australia (on a river where Olympians train), ridden a camel in the Canary Islands, enjoyed scuba diving off Bermuda, and rode horseback in the ocean in Jamaica. I’ve also done some zip-lining and other fun activities with grandchildren.

Let’s Get Real
Understand basic communication skills that help you connect to your audience: be you, be authentic, and be free to express thoughts in your own style. Learn to free flow and then tame your words into something that sells.

1:45 - 2:30         

Tim Shoemaker

Tim is the author of 11 books and is a popular speaker at conferences around the country. Code of Silence, the first in his middle-grade series, was listed by Booklist in the “Top Ten Crime Novels for Youth.” Tim speaks at public and Christian schools across the country. He is happily married for over 35 years, Tim has three grown sons, and still loves doing volunteer youth work. 

Fixing Fatal Fiction Flubs          
“Point-of-View” and “Show don’t tell” are two critically important areas of fiction. Get it right and you’ve got killer fiction. Mess it up and your fiction is already dead. Tim will show you how to make your story come alive.

2:30 – 2:45           Break                                                                                

2:45 – 3:15          

Rob Cook

Rob has been working with teens for over 20 years – meeting them on the street, lending a hand, buying a lunch, sharing his life and his faith. He is Pastor and Founder of 252 Underground Youth Ministry and the author of two devotional books for teens.

Listen to the Right Voices
It can be hard to stay positive in this negative world. You need to surround yourself with people who believe in you when you struggle with doubt. If God is calling you to write, He will open the doors. Sometimes He even rips them off the hinges.

3:15 – 3:45            Fool an Agent or Editor into Thinking You’re an Adult! – Tessa Emily Hall
                                “You write good … for your age.” Have you ever received this comment? While it certainly is a compliment, you might also find it a little insulting—especially if you’re striving to pursue writing professionally. In this session, I’ll share secrets I learned as a teen author that helped me gain respect and attention from professionals in the industry. You’ll learn how to write like a pro by avoiding amateur mistakes, ways you can stay updated on the industry, and how to gain experience for your writing resume. Then, when it comes time to submit your book to an agent or editor, you’ll shock them when they realize you’re only a teen—that is, after you’ve already signed the contract.

4:00 – 5:15               You’re welcome to attend worship, awards, and the keynote:
                                  Write & Speak His Answer Prayerfully – Linda Evans Shepherd


Parents and Teachers
we encourage you to attend one or more workshops
and/or the morning & afternoon continuing session
while your teen is in Teens Write.
Cost: $30 for one, $55 for two, $75 for three, $90 for four.