Disclaimer: These handouts have been prepared for the 2017 Greater Philadelphia Christian Writers Conference and available only to those who have registered and/or have bought the CDs/mp3s. Please respect the copyright and print only for your own use. If you wish to use them in any other forum, please contact the workshop presenter to get their permission. Thank you!


Important: Please check this list again for additional handouts.


Wednesday, 1:00 – 2:00 pm

E1 – Scrivener from 0 to 60, Part 1 – Debbie Maxwell Allen.   Link for handouts will be given in class.

E2 –Indie Publishing – Kathryn Ross   1 Click Here  

E3 – How To Sell Your Book to an Agent – Tessa Emily Hall.      Click Here

E4 – Subplot Sanity – Amy Deardon.      Click Here

E5 – Writing for Children – Karen Whiting    1 Click Here       2  Click Here       3 Click Here       

E6 –Tag Lines, Action Beats & Character Voice – Susan Lyttek    1  Click Here       2  Click Here 


Wednesday 2:45-4:00

E7 – Scrivener from 0 to 60, Part 2 – Debbie Maxwell Allen.  Link for handouts will be given in class.

E8 – Ebooks that Sell – Amy Deardon.   No Handouts. Bring your computer and a manuscript, and we will format it at the workshop.

E9 – Demystifying Digital Design – Angela Schans.   Click Here     

E10 – It Takes One to Know One (Character Development) – Michele Chynoweth.  1  Click Here         2  Click Here         3  Click Here       

 4  Click Here.           5  Click Here        

E11 – Write for AlmostAnAuthor.com – Cyle Young.  No Handouts

E12 – Devotional Writing: Daily Devotions, Books & More – Karen Whiting   1  Click Here


Wednesday 4:15-4:45

First-timer’s Orientation


Wednesday 5:00-6:00

E13 – Writing Suspense & Mysteries –  Gayle Roper   1 Click Here

E14 – Create or Resurrect Your Writing Career – Diana Flegal.      Diana will give link handout information in class.

E15 – Pump Up Your Writing – Using Strong Verbs – Debbie Maxwell Allen.   Link for handouts will be given in class.

E16 – The Most Common Writing Mistakes & How to Fix Them – Rowena Kuo.       Click Here

E17 – Hook that Whale! – Jeanette Windle.        Click Here

E18 – Brainstorm Your Online Book Launch Party – Kathryn Ross   1  Click Here

E19 – Writing Over 50 – Chris Richards.      No Handouts

E20 – The Bible is Not a Quote Book – Dave Fessenden.   Click Here


Thursday – Saturday


CS-1  The Chase (for novelists & screenwriters) with D.J. Williams.      No Handouts

CS-2  You Can Indie Publish & Market Your Book with Sarah Bolme   1  Click Here     2  Click Here       3  Click Here        

4 Click Here        5  Click Here

CS-3  Reaching Women through Writing and More with Linda Evans Shepherd.  1 Click Here.        2A Click Here.      2B Click Here.      

3. Click Here.       4. Click Here.        5. Click Here

CS-4  Podcasting Your Passion with Dr. Harold L. Arnold, Jr.       Click Here     

CS-5  Revive your Spirit: Revive Your Message with Al Janssen    1   Click Here

CS-6 12 Questions a Novelist Must Answer with Gayle Roper    1   Click Here

CS-7  Your Book Launch Game Plan with Scoti Domeij.    Scoti will give information and link for handouts in class.

CS-8  The Christian Communicator with Kevin Wayne Johnson.    Click Here.     Please note that there are 51 pages before you start printing.



Fiction Intensive Clinic with Tim Shoemaker.      No Handouts

Build Your Platform with Angela Schans.           No Handouts.

Developing Your Nonfiction Book with Bill Watkins.       No Handouts

Develop a Unique Marketing Plan for Your Book with Karen Whiting.      1  Click Here         2   Click Here         3   Click Here             

  4   Click Here         5  Click Here               6   Click Here         7  Click Here


Thursday   2:15-3:15

1A – The W.R.I.T.E Prayer with Cherrilynn Bisbano      Click Here

1B – Being Real in Your Writing with Peter Lundell      Click Here

1C – Backstory Blowout with Rowena Kuo.        Click Here

1D – Targeting Your Reader with Janis Whipple.        Click Here

1E – Eye-Catching Proposals with Jeanette Windle.        Click Here

1F – Publish, Promote, Profit with Steven Spatz.      No Handouts

1G – Expanding Your Role as a Writer with Les Stobbe.    No Handouts


Thursday   3:30-4:30

2A – From Journal to Blog to Book with Verna Bowman     Click Here

2B – Deepening Your Description with Debbie Maxwell Allen.    Link for handouts will be given in class. 

2C – Common Pitfalls for Novelists with John David Kudrick.   Click Here. 

2D – Are You Really Writing a Memoir? with Jillian Schlossberg     Click Here

2E – A Fly on the Wall in a Publishing House with Dave Fessenden.   Click Here   

2F – Go Viral: Social Network Marketing with W. Terry Whalin.    1 Click Here

2G – Writing for CBN.com with Beth Patch    1  Click Here        2  Click Here          3  Click Here


Friday   2:15-3:15

3A – From Writer to Author with Pierre Eade.      No Handouts

3B – Writing His Answer for Seekers &  Believers with Lynn Eib.            Click Here

3C – Making Your Fiction Ring True with Jeanette Windle.          Click Here

3D – Tests Your Nonfiction Must Pass with Diana Flegal.    Diana will give handout information in class.

3E – Going Indie with Create Space with Amy Deardon.    Click Here

3F – Branding for People Who Are Not Cows with Peter Lundell     Click Here

3G – Winning at Winning Contests with Cyle Young.   No Handouts


Friday 3:30-4:30

4A – Write to Heal with Andrea Gadson.     Click Here

4B – Give Purpose & Intent for Your Writing with Terrence Clark.     Please check back.

4C – Honest Heroes & Valid Villains with Dale McElhinney.      No Handouts

4D – Nonfiction Book Creation from the Ground Up with W. Terry Whalin.   1 Click Here.   

4E – What God Designed You to Write with Susan Lyttek        Click Here

4F – Creative Marketing with Larry Carpenter     Click Here

4G – Adapt Your Story into a Screenplay with Rowena Kuo.      Click Here


Saturday   10:45-11:45

5A – Emotionl Healing and the Writer with Peter Lundell       Click Here

5B – Binge Writing with Cyle Young.    No handouts

5C – Plot Skeleton with Terry Brennan.       Terry will bring handouts to class.

5D – Writing His Answer in Today’s World with Jillian Schlossberg       1  Click Here           2  Click Here

5E – Get the Book Inside You to Come Out with Debbie Hardy   1  Click Here         2  Click Here        3  Click Here

4   Click Here         5  Click Here

5F – Trending Now! with Rowena Kuo.       Click Here

5G – Reaching Today’s Youth with Rob Cook.     No Handouts


Saturday   2:45-3:45

6A – Sorting the Good for THE GOD with Bob LaCosta.      No Handouts

6B – Self-Editing Strategies for Fiction with Christy Distler     Click Here

6C – Go into ALL the World with John David Kudrick.     Click Here

6D – Writing a Saleable Article, A to Z with Jeanette Windle.        Click Here

6E – Understanding Book Contracts with Les Stobbe.       Handouts will be available in class.

6F – Publicity and Paid Advertising with Larry Carpenter      Click Here

6G – Make it Your Business with Michele Chynoweth.      1  Click Here         2  Click Here         3  Click Here         4  Click Here.     

5. Click Here.        6. Click Here.           7. Click Here           8. Click Here


Teens Write        Saturday   8:30am – 5:15 pm           1 Click Here            2   Click Here