Handouts 2019


Disclaimer: These handouts have been prepared for the 2019 Greater Philadelphia Christian Writers Conference and are available only to those who have registered and/or have bought the CDs. Please respect the copyright and print only for your own use. If you wish to use them in any other forum, please contact the workshop presenter to get his/her permission. Thank you!


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LL1.    How to Craft Page-Turning Novels with Dan Walsh     Click here
LL2.    Writing a Nonfiction Book: From Passion to Process with Ava Pennington     Click here
LL3.    Writer, Thou Art Loosed! with Beatrice Bruno     Click here

LL4.    Develop a Unique Marketing Plan wiht Karen Whiting     Click here     Click here



T1.      Practical Productivity with Debbie Maxwell Allen   Click here
T2.      Spiritual Footprints with Chris Richards       No Handouts
T3.      Resurrect the Past with J.P. Robinson     Click here

T4.      How to Write a Story with Alice Wootson       No Handouts


How To Make the Most of GPCWC with Eric Sprinkle 2:15 to 3:15



T5.     Scrivener for Beginners with Debbie Maxwell Allen       No Handouts

T6.     Writing Books for Children with Michelle Lazurek     Click here

T7.     Write to Hold the Reader’s Attention with Rob Cook      No Handouts

T8.     Turn Your Preaching or Teaching into Writing with Dave Fessenden     Click here


WORKSHOPS – 4:45 – 6:00

T9.     Customizing Scrivener: Advanced Techniques with Debbie Maxwell Allen       No Handouts

T10.    Academic vs. Popular Writing with Charles Christian       No Handouts

T11.    Make a Scene with Darcy Gudger     No Handouts

T12.    Inside Your Characters’ Personalities with Lynne Babbitt     Click Here

T13.    The Brave New World of Indie Publishing with Dan Walsh     Click here

T14.    Get Out of the Boat with Angie Bass Williams     Click here



CS1.    Fiction Writing with Bill Myers     No Handouts
CS2.    Write the Truth with Bill Watkins     Click here
CS3.    Jumpstart Your Publishing Dreams with Terry Whalin     Click here
CS4.    Social Media for the Clueless Author with Scoti Domeij     No Handouts
CS5.    You CAN Publish and Market Your Book with Sarah Bolme     Click here     Click here     Click here     Click here
CS6.    Authenic Writing that Changes Lives with Peter Lundell     Click here   
CS7.    Your Nonfiction Book-From Good to Great with Michael Klassen and Karen Bouchard     Click here

WORKSHOP 1 – FRIDAY 2:15-3:15

1A     Give Purpose & Intent to Your Writing with Terrence Clark     No Handouts
1B.    How to Handle the Word of Truth with Michael Klassen      Click here
1C.    Middle Grade and YA Fiction with Linda Howard       No Handouts
1D.    Use Fiction Techniques in Your Nonfiction with Barbara Haley      No Handouts
1E.    Creating a Book Proposal with Karen Whiting     Click here
1F.    Marketing into Ministry with Michelle Booth     Click here
1G.    Writing for Focus on the Family with Stephen O'Rear     No Handouts


WORKSHOP 2 – FRIDAY 3:30-4:30

2A     The Watchman's Burden with Michael Gantt     No Handouts
2B.    Your Writer's Voice with Edwina Perkins – Click here
2C.    The Heartbeat of Inspirational Romance with Susan Baganz     Click here
2D.    Theological Accuracy in Nonfiction with Catherine DeVries     No Handouts
2E.    What Do Editors and Agents Want? with Linda  Glaz     Click here
2F.    Facebook Live 101 with Patricia Durgin     No Handouts
2G.    Writing for Young Children with Hope Flinchbaugh     Click here


WORKSHOP 3 – SATURDAY 9:45-10:45

3A     Writing Out of a Broken Heart with Michael  Gantt       No Handouts
3B.    Skittles and Editing with Susan  Baganz     Click Here
3C.    Ethnic Diversity in Fiction with Catherine DeVries       No Handouts
3D.    Write and Publish Articles with Charles Christian       No Handouts
3E.    Turn Your Writing into a Business with J.P. Robinson       Click here
3F.    Attending to Your Audience with Emily Chase     Click here
3G.    Write Devotionals and Get Published with Debbie Hardy     Click here


WORKSHOP 4 – 1:30-2:30

4A     Write from the Heart with Linda Glaz     Click here
4B.    Add More Humor to Your Writing with Karen Bouchard     No Handouts
4C.    How Much Christian Should Be in Your Christian Fiction? with Dan Walsh      Click here
4D.    Confidentially Yours: Ethics in Nonfiction with Emily Chase     Click here
4E.     Heading Home with a Plan with Karen Whiting     Click here
4F.     Redesign Your Social Medial Plan with Patricia Durgin       No Handouts
4G.    Poetry Packs a Powerful Punch with Angie Bass Williams     Click here