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Welcome to Our June 24-26, 2021 VIRTUAL Conference

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Dear conferee –

I believe God has called you to this year’s GPCWC. Whether you write

fiction or nonfiction, 
articles or books or blogs,
personal experience stories or a book-length memoir,
poetry or prose . . .
and whether your audience is children or teens or adults,
 “for such a time as this” it is critical that you “Write His Answer.”

For years I have felt a growing sense of urgency to “Write His Answer” while the doors are still open to share our faith publicly. Friends, those doors are closing! As Leona Choy will share in her keynote Thursday night, we have “A Target on Our Back.” I urge you not to miss her keynote for Leona will speak from the perspective of ninety-six years observing the changes in our nation. Following her keynote, the six faculty teaching the “Impact Our Culture” continuing session (available to view online several weeks after the conference) will participate in an important panel discussion. 

While GPCWC is committed to addressing the issues facing our nation in Michael Gantt’s Thursday morning and Leona Choy’s Thursday evening keynote, let me assure you that in our three days together you will receive in-depth instruction to grow your writing and marketing skills. I have no doubt God is going to bless you in Ephesians 3:20 ways. 

I’m excited about how much more we can offer going virtual, plus you save the cost of travel, lodging, and meals. And new this year we’re offering FREE pre-conference webinars and Zoom meetings to help you prepare for your appointments. Our registrar, Barb Haley, will be emailing you with important how-to info as well as a link to the appointment request form. 

Meanwhile, I want to encourage you to make time for the one-page Called to Write His Answer Bible study. Also click on Writers’ Helps at and visit the Write His Answer Bookstore. Books are sold at a discount (including the new 2021 Christian Writers Market Guide). Sales help cover conference expenses. 

Important request: Would you please help spread the word about this year’s conference by liking our Facebook page and sharing the messages we post there. It is also a good place to get your questions answered and to connect with other conferees.  

Father, please use this year’s GPCWC to draw us all closer to You and to equip us to serve You more effectively. Give us Your vision for our writing ministry, and encourage us to believe that You will use us to make a difference through the words we write and the lives we live.

Serving Christ -


Marlene Bagnull
Write His Answer Ministries

Blogging at
Phone: 484-991-8581

P.S. Please note: The charge on your credit card statement should read Gr Ph & CO Chr Wr or a similar abbreviation. It stands for Greater Philadelphia & Colorado Christian Writers Conferences. Be sure to regularly check your e-mail for conference updates as well as the conference Facebook page and my blog 


Do you have a book to pitch to faculty and other conferees? You can even sign up to sell your book at the conference!

Friday evening, June 25, is focused on our authors! You will be invited to hold up a copy of your latest book and share why people need to read it. Eric Sprinkle will set the timer on his iPhone so be prepared with your answer. (See my blog post, “Why did you write this book?” at ) You may even want to have a “cheat sheet.”

We are happy to make your book available for sale through our conference bookstore. Because of the work involved, we are limiting you to just one book. If you have more than one book in print, ask Father which one He wants you to make available.

For complete directions, click here.


Free Pre-conference Webinars
to help you prepare for your appointments. Be sure to submit your appointment request form by June 15.

Creating Your Nonfiction One Sheet Webinar
I video recorded this workshop for you yesterday morning. Beyond explaining what needs to be included on your nonfiction one sheet and why, I share some of my journey to publication that I trust will encourage you. Click here for link for sample one sheet.

This workshop is available free to charge to everyone (not just those registered for the conference) so I encourage you to share the link with your friends. You can access it at: 


Wonderful Fiction One Sheet Webinar – Darcie Gudger
First impressions are everything. Like a resume for that dream job, your one sheet needs to leave a lasting impression on agents and editors who require them. Since expectations change like the weather, come learn how you can craft that unforgettable, colorful fiction one sheet. Click here for link to sample one sheet.

This workshop is also available now but only to registered conferees. Please do NOT share this link: 


The Dreaded “E” Word - Edwina Perkins
Getting the words on the page is only the first step. Next, time to edit. The ability to self-edit is an important component to polishing your manuscript. Any writer who is serious about publication needs to work hard to learn how to self-edit. This workshop will introduce you to some basic—and not so basic—self-editing tips to help take your manuscript to the next level. Please do NOT share this link:


Going Indie – Marlene Bagnull
I know most writers want to be published traditionally. Realistically that isn’t going to happen for everyone and NOT because your work isn’t good enough. Sometimes it’s because your topic and the audience who will be interested is too limited.  But that doesn’t mean your book isn’t needed. Sometimes you don’t yet have a large enough platform for a publisher to invest in your book. Christian publishing is a ministry but it is also a business.

“For such a time as this” God has provided the technology for us to get our work in print affordably but professionally. And if I can do it, you can too!

Seriously, I’m excited about the opportunity going indie provides to meet the needs of our readers. There are many advantages. Of course, there are also cautions.

I hope you will take 22 minutes to watch the video I recorded yesterday and that you will prayerfully consider attending the “Go Indie” continuing session. It’s likely to be more interactive than some of the other continuing sessions. Remember, you’re not locked into the choice you made, and all the videos will be available for two months after the conference. Here’s the link:  Password: Evja25k$


Recordings of Live Zoom Workshops

The Weight of the First Page – Linda Glaz
Learn to put POP! and action onto the first page of your work, in a manner that keeps a potential reader … well … reading.
Please do NOT share this link:

Pitching to Industry Professionals – Linda Glaz
Learn how to construct the much-needed Pitch. Please do NOT share this link:


More Zoom Meetings (NOT recorded)

June 15, 6:30 pm EST (we also met June 8)
Developing a Great Nonfiction Pitch – Karen Whiting 
Make the best pitch to not only grab an editor’s attention to help get a contract, but to start developing the marketing (tweaking a pitch to focus on the reader flow from the original pitch). Karen Whiting, author of 27 traditionally published books, will provide individual help to polish each person’s pitch. An effective pitch will, in 30 seconds:

June 12 & 13
Practice Your Fiction Pitch – Gayle Roper 

So you only have a few minutes tops. What do you say to catch the ear of an editor, an agent--anybody? Let's work together on your pitch. Let's get the best first sentence you can devise, the best story arc you can present in the fewest words. If ever there's a time you need to prepare, it's now so you sound professional and your story sounds irresistible. Important: Bring a 50 word summmary and the first line of your pitch.

Go to

Hit Join a Meeting

In Enter Meeting ID put 534 667 3098

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Scheduled times: 

11 AM, 6/12, passcode 1WaRJZ

1 PM, 6/12, passcode 5Z7shF

3 PM, 6/13, passcode 1WaRJZ

7 PM, 6/13, passcode 1WaRJZ


Please plan to take advantage of all these FREE opportunities to be better prepared to meet with editors and agents at the conference.


Other free pre-conference webinar coming soon:

Write 400 Words and Get Published - Debbie Hardy
How would you like to get published in months, not years? Check out this workshop and learn some easy methods to improve your writing skills and see your work in print! We'll be learning the ChristianDevotions.US method and other formulas for putting your ideas into words.