Scholarships OLD Partial and Working

Partial scholarships – up to 50% off  

I know what it is like to be in the position of needing to request a scholarship. Because I do, I wish I could offer everyone a full scholarship, no questions asked, but because GPCWC has a large budget that is met almost solely from registration fees, I can only offer up to 50% off scholarships to a limited number of people based on need. Paid critiques, meals, lodging, and travel are not included in the scholarship help I am able to give.

Before completing and returning the scholarship application, please prayerfully consider the following options:


1. Ask the Lord to show you what He expects you to contribute towards your registration fee. If you do not need 50% off your registration fee to be able to come, please request a smaller amount so I’ll be able to help more people. Could you afford the cost of the conference if your payments were spread out over a period of time before and after the conference? We would be glad to work out a payment plan that fits your budget.

2. Share your need with your pastor, Sunday school class, prayer group, or a Christian friend. My pastor sent me to my first conference in 1979. I am convinced that I would not have persevered through several thousand rejection slips and now have over 1,000 sales to magazines and nine published books without his support and the sense of accountability I felt not to disappoint his faith in me.

3. Consider applying for a partial working scholarship. We will credit you $10 an hour toward the cost of registration for each hour you work. Working scholarships provide the advantage of becoming part of the conference and making new friends. Please note any special skills you have on the scholarship application. A limited number of working scholarships, including pre-conference work, are available on a first-come basis. Realistically,unless you’re able to help pre or post conference, you should not plan on earning more than $60 during the conference (at two hours a day Thursday through Saturday). NOTE: A working and partial scholarship cannot be combined for more than 50% off your registration fee. And we welcome and need volunteers!

4. Help distribute conference info to churches in your area and encourage your friends to come. We will credit you $25 toward your registration fee for every person not on our mailing list who registers because he learned about the conference through you. When he registers, ask him to put your name in the Comments box on the bottom of the online registration form or to include a note if he mails his registration using the form in the conference brochure. This is a great way of making it possible for me to give more scholarships and yet still meet our budget. At the same time, you have the joy of knowing God has used you to get information to people who would not otherwise have known about the conference.

Know that I will do everything I can to make it possible for you to come and that I am trusting Father to meet your needs and ours from "His riches in glory" (Philippians 4:19, TLB).

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To Give Scholarships

If you’ve grown as a writer through GPCWC
and want to give someone else the opportunity to attend,
please consider making a donation to our scholarship fund.
No amount is too small.
Donations to our scholarship fund are not tax deductible.