2018 Faculty notes

Now . . . for some last minute info:

Below is the present count of the number signed up for workshops and continuing sessions. This number is likely to change since, as usual, not everyone has told us what they plan to take. Then, too, I tell them they are not locked into their choices but are free to go wherever Father leads them. I trust we'll get last minute registrants and walk-ins. We now have 165 conferees less 2 cancelations. That's a far cry from the 250 we’ve averaged throughout our 34-year ministry. Father, please help me to remember that You see hearts, not numbers, and that You are faithful to provide.

Thursday Learning Labs, 1:00 – 4:30
If you arrive early, plese slip into a class. There is, of course, no charge!

L1 – Build Your Author Platform with Sarah Bolme – 30
L2 – Focus on Fiction with Dan Walsh – 10
L3 – The Making of a Nonfiction Book with Diana Flegal – 15

Wednesday Early Bird Workshops
E1 – Mining for Stories: Discovering Their Worth with Donna L.H. Smith (1:00 – 2:00) – 13
E2 – Get the Most Out of Your Appointments with Dave Fessenden (2:15 – 3:15) – 13 
E3 – Care and Feeding of Editors with Susan baganz and Chris Richards (3:30 – 4:30) – 13

Continuing Sessions
CS1 – Launch Your Writing Ministry with Donna L.H. Smith – 19
CS2 – The Successful Author of Nonfiction with Dan Balow – 16
CS3 – Brave New World of Indie Publishing with Dan Walsh – 17
CS4 – Hook that Editor! with Jeanette Windle – 15
CS5 – Speaking and Writing with Lynne Babbitt – 38
CS6 – Take Your Fiction to the Next Level with Tim Shoemaker – 17
CS7 – Writing Narrative Nonfiction with Craig von Buseck – 18

1A – Revelation, Inspiration, or Perspiration? with Angie Bass Williams – 23
1B – Shoot a Little Higher with Tim Shoemaker – 15
1C – Inside Your Characters’ Psyches with Lynne Babbitt – 24
1D – That Reminds Me of a Story with David Fessenden – 18
1E – Crafting a Submission Email that Sparkles with Bethany Morehead – 33
1F – Battle of the Brands with Cody Morehead – 14
1G – America at the Crossroads with Charles Patricoff - 10

2A – Spirit-Led Marketing with Roseanna White – 24
2B – Say What? with Edwina Perkins – 23
2C – Using Your Past in Your Fiction with Susan Baganz – 26
2D – Reaching Kids with the Gospel with Terrence Clark – 6
2E  – Inside Story with Katara Washington Patton – 14
2F – Email Marketing for Authors – with Jason Owens – 34
2G – The Rocks Cry Out with David Rupert – 9

3A – The Two Charleses: What Writers Can Learn from Dickens and Spurgeon with Dave Swavely – 8
3B – Strategies to Overcome Writer's Block: Give Yourself Permission to Write Garbage with Amy Deardon – 20
3C – Fiction with a Purpose with Roseanna White – 9
3D – Starting Strong with Jim Hart – 19
3E – From Conference to Contract: Turning Your One Sheet into a Stellar Proposal with Michelle Lazurek – 28
3F – Instagram for the #instaless with Bethany Morehead – 21
3G – The Pursuit of Influence: How Christian Communicators Change the World with Dr. Harold Arnold Jr. – 24

4A – Live and Write Dangerously with David Rupert – 11
4B – Kid Stuff with Pam Halter – 14
4C – Fiction Rules and When to Break Them with Roseanna White – 18
4D – Bring Your Own Story to Life with Louise L. Looney – 39
4E – Self-Publishing vs. Tradional Publishing with Katara Washington Patton – 20
4F – Book Launches with Jason Owens – 23
4G – Reaching Today's Youth with Rob Cook – 3

5A – The Heart of the Writer with Susan Baganz – 17
5B – The Dreaded "E" Word with Edwina Perkins – 23
5C – Resurrect the Past with JP Robinson – 16
5D – Ghost Stories: Writing for Other People – with Dave Swavely – 9
5E – Ether Dreams and Great Ideas with Dave Fessenden – 9
5F – How to Package Your Book to Sell at First Sight with Janeen Ippolito – 40
5G – The Cross is the Main Thing with Michael Gantt – 9


Teens Write (Saturday) – 7

Remember – You are welcome to slip in and out of continuing sessions and workshops if you do not have appointments scheduled. Just let the appointment desk know where you will be.

Handouts - Available online. Click here.


When you arrive on Thursday, July 26

If you arrive before the 3:00 pm, come to the Dock Mennnonite Academy campus. From Forty Foot Road (Rt. 63) turn onto Detweiler Road and park in the two lots to the left of building 11, Clemens Center, the conference hub where registration, keynotes, meals, and appointments will take place and where we will be setting up the book tables. Classes are in building 1.



If you need help with a box of books
call Eric Sprinkle, 719-322-6992. 

If you have brought books to sell, give us the completed consignment form and feel free to arrange them on one of the tables for faculty or for keynoters. Be sure the price is on each book. And remember, we cannot track “two for $ “ sales. Each item must be individually priced.

Pick up your faculty packet and envelope with your meal tickets and your neck wallet with your name tag from the table just inside the chapel.

You are welcome to attend a Learning Lab or early bird workshop or to fellowship. There are benches around the pond if it’s not pouring rain or scorching hot. Or you can help us set up! smiley 

Check-in at the Holiday Inn begins at 3:00 pm. 

Dinner is at 6:00 pm in Clemens Center. As I mentioned in an earlier email, there is no separate room for a faculty dinner/meeting so you must review this page to get your questions answered since we’ll be seated with the conferees.

Opening session at 7:15 in chapel just across the hall from the cafeteria. I hope you won’t miss this time of worship and Craig von Buseck’s keynote, “Declaring God’s Truth in a Digital Age of Half Truths.

Weather & What to Wear? 

Well the weather is anyone’s guess :), but it does look like we will be in the 80s instead of the 90s. I know that’s not really hot for some of you, but add Philly’s humidity and it can get quite uncomfortable. So, please, dress cool and comfortable. Shorts and capris are fine. Seriously! This is NOT a dress up
conference. There’s the possibility of rain every day, so bring an umbrella!


Marlene –  484-991-8581 (home & office) 
Cell – 267-436-2503 (only during conference)

Eric Sprinkle – our “go-to” guy for 
rides, help with luggage, etc.
Technical help

Paul Bagnull - rides between the conference & the Holiday Inn
and pickups at the Pennbrook Train Station


Pre-Conference Timeline 2018







  Return contract to Marlene along with bio, photo, and titles/blurbs of
  workshops you enjoy teaching. 

July 1

  Book flight and send itinerary to Marlene.
  Run info by Marlene first if she is paying all or part.

  If you’d like to share a room at the Holiday Inn with another faculty
  member and have a preference, email name(s) to Marlene.

July 10

   Return Book Order/Recommend/Donate form to Marlene.

   Email handouts to haleybarb@yahoo.com. 

   Expect to receive (via e-mail) manuscripts for your paid critiques (if any).

July 16


   Mail free-lit and give-away books to

             Marlene Bagnull
             ATTN: GPCWC freebies
             951 Anders Road
             Lansdale, PA 19446

   Mail items you want to sell to the address above unless you prefer to bring     with you. Put price sticker on each item (20% consignment fee on items

  • Click Here for consignment form REQUIRED to be included.
July 26

   Faculty dinner at 6 pm at Dock Mennonite Academy.

  Opening session at 7:15 



Thursday Learning Labs & Early Bird Workshops

Meet from 1:00 to 4:30 Wednesday afteroon. You’re welcome to attend of course free of charge.


Please view as a PRIORITY! Come ready to focus on the Lord and hear from Him through our keynote speakers.

Continuing Sessions

Meet three times times for a total of 3.5 hours.


These last 60 minutes.

Handouts – We've gone GREEN!

Email your handouts to Barbie at haleybarb@yahoo.com no later than July 10.

Paid Critiques

A written critique is not expected, but conferees appreciate notes jotted directly on the manuscript.


For more information about how our appointment system works, click on Appointments.

Father, please give us all much wisdom to know
how You would have us respond to the conferees we meet with.
And please help them to hear what we're saying;
not what they want to hear.

Give them teachable spirits and give us sensitive hearts.


An important note to editors and agents - We are all pressed for time, but if you take a manuscript with you or request that it be sent to you, please try your best to get a response to the conferee in at least three months. If your policy is that no answer within three months means you're not interested, please make that clear to the conferee at the conference.


Book Signing
We encourage you to be part of this on Friday evening and the author interviews. Please choose just ONE book to tell us about.

At the Holiday Inn, Kulpsville, just off the Lansdale Exit of the PA North/South Turnpike and five minutes from Dock Mennonite Academy.



If GPCWC is covering all or part of your airfare, please run the itinerary and price past me before booking to give me the option of using my Frequent Flyer Miles if the price is too high. (If you need to be reimbursed before the conference, let me know.) I suggest you visit www.orbitz.com or www.kayak.com for a helpful overview of times, prices, and airlines. The conference provides shuttle service between the airport and the conference; therefore, we are unable to reimburse you for the cost of a rental car.



Special Needs

Permission to Record

Contact Info

A FEW MORE DETAILS - thank you for reading this far. smiley

Marlene Bagnull
GPCWC Book Table
951 Anders Road
Lansdale, PA 19446

Marlene Bagnull
GPCWC Free Lit
951 Anders Road
Lansdale, PA 19446

Father, thank You in advance for what You're going to do through this year's conference. I especially pray that you will bless each faculty and staff member in special and unexpected ways.


Marlene 484-991-8581 (home & office) or mbagnull@aol.com
Cell – 267-436-2503 (only during the conference)

Barb Haley (Registrar & Appointments Coordinator)

Eric Sprinkle – rides between Holiday Inn and Dock.
 Also assistance with luggage and boxes of books.
Technical AV issues

Paul Bagnull - rides between Holiday Inn and Dock.