Faculty Notes 2017

Pre-Conference Timeline

Important: Scroll down below the timeline
for important last-minute notes!




June 22  
  If you prefer to stay at The Radisson (at your expense) rather than on
  campus, you need to book your room by June 22. Click here for details.
July 8

  Book flight and send itinerary to Marlene.
  Run info by Marlene first if she is paying all/part of this.

July 8
  1. Return contract to Marlene. 
  2. Note lodging preference on contract.
    • If staying off campus (your expense), make reservation ASAP.
  3. Return Book Order/Recommend/Donate form to Marlene.
    • Scan, save as PDF or JPEG, and e-mail. Include titles you will recommend in class.
July 10
  1. Mail free-lit and give-away books to
             Cairn University
             Attn: Events & Facilities
             Writers Conference Freebies
             200 Manor Avenue, Langhorne, PA 19047

    NOTE: The university would appreciate receiving these no more than a week before the conference.
  2. Mail items you want to sell to the address above unless you prefer to bring with you. (20% consignment fee on items sold)
    • Click Here for consignment form REQUIRED to be included.
  3. E-mail hand-outs to haleybarb SPACE @yahoo.com
    • We're going GREEN! Handouts will be on website instead of being printed out.
July 10-15   Expect to receive (via e-mail) manuscripts for your paid critiques (if any).  
July 21
  1. Expect to receive approximate count of number in your workshop.
  2. Expect to hear from driver if you need a ride from the airport.
July 26
  1. Feel free to attend Early Bird Workshops at 1:00, 2:45, and 5:00.
  2. Rooms at Cairn University available at 12:30.
  3. Optional first-timer's orientation at 4:00. Focus on conferees but also helpful for first-time faculty.
  4. Faculty dinner at 5:45. Get food in cafeteria and bring tray to Eagle's Nest.
  5. Opening session at 7:30 with Clarence Jordan concert and Rob Cook keynote.

Now . . . for some last minute info:

Below is the present count of the number signed up for workshops and continuing sessions. This number is likely to change since, as usual, not everyone has told us what they plan to take. Then, too, I tell them they are not locked into their choices but are free to go wherever Father leads them. I trust we'll get last minute registrants and walk-ins. We now have 182 conferees less 6 cancelations. That's a far cry from the 250 we’ve averaged throughout our 34 year ministry. Father, please help me to remember that You see hearts, not numbers, and that You are faithful to provide.

Wednesday Early Bird Workshops 
If you arrive early, plese slip into a workshop. There is, of course, no charge!

1:00 - 2:30
E1 Scrivener from 0 to 60, Part 1 - Debbie Maxwell Allen (13)
E2 Indie Publishing - Kathryn Ross (12)
E3 HT Sell Your Book to an Agent - Tessa Emily Hall (9)
E4 Subplot Sanity - Amy Deardon (1)
E5 Writing for Children - Karen Whiting (7)
E6 Tag Lines, Action Beats & Character Voice - Susan Lyttek (1)

2:45 - 4:00
E7 Scrivener from 0 to 60, Part 2 - Debbie Maxwell Allen (11)
E8 Ebooks that Sell - Amy Deardon (4)
E9 Demystifying Digital Design - Angela Schans (4)
E10 It Takes One to Know One (Character Development) - Michele Cynoweth (9)
E11 Write for AlmostAnAuthor.com - Cyle Young (4)
E12 Devotional Writing: Daily Devotions, Books & More - Karen Whiting (9)

4:15 - 4:45 First-timer’s Orientation

5:00 - 6:00 
E13 Writing Suspense & Mysteries - Gayle Roper (3)
E14 Create or Resurrect Your Writing Career - Diana Flegal (8)
E15 Pump Up Your Writing: Using Strong Verbs - Debbie Maxwell Allen (6)
E16 The Most Common Writing Mistakes & How to Fix Them - Rowena Kuo (10)
E17 Hook that Whale! - Jeanette Windle (3)
E18 Brainstorm Your Online Book Launch Party - Kathryn Ross (5)
E19 Writing Over 50 - Chris Richards (3)
E20 The Bible Is Not a Quote Book - Dave Fessenden (3)

6:15 Dinner – Please take your tray to the Highlander Cafe down the hall for our faculty/staff dinner.

7:30 Concert - Terrence Clark | Keynote: Hidden in Plain Sight - Rob Cook

Continuing Sessions
1   The Chase (for novelists & screenwriters) – DJ Williams (22)
2    You can Indie Publish & Market Your Book – Sarah Bolme (16)
3    Reaching Women through Writing & More – Linda Evans Shepherd (25)
4    Podcasting Your Passion – Dr. Harold Arnold Jr. (11)
5    Revive Your Spirit; Revive Your Message – Al Janssen (7)
6    12 Questions a Novelist Must Answer – Gayle Roper (14)
7    Your Book Launch Game Plan – Scoti Domeij (35)
8    The Christian Communicator – Kevin Wayne Johnson (16)

Remember – You are welcome to slip in and out of continuing sessions and workshops if you do not have appointments scheduled. Just let the appointment desk know where you will be.

HANDOUTS - Available online. Click here.


How to interpret? Column 4, row D, with 24 signed up is “Nonfiction Book Creation from the Ground Up.”

We have 27 conferees in a clinic instead of taking workshops and, of course, a number who have not yet told us what they are taking. Unlike Colorado, we also have more one and two-day conferees. With late registrants, walk-ins, undecideds finally deciding :), and possible faculty attending your workshop I expect the above numbers to grow.

When you arrive on Wednesday, July 26

Before 12:00 noon - Go to the downstairs floor of the Biblical Learning Center (#1 on map). This is where you'll pick up your packet and name tag (probably not available until mid-afternoon), consign your books, and drop off any free lit. It is also where the early bird workshops will be held beginning at 1:00 pm. Again, you are welcome to attend them.

After 12:00 noon - If you’re staying on campus, you can go to Heritage Hall (#12 on map) to check in. There’s a lovely “Great Room” where you’re welcome to fellowship.

Dinnertime (5:45 pm - cafeteria open until 7:00 for late arrivals) - Go directly to the  Mason Activity Center (#7 on map). Go through the cafeteria to get your food and then walk down the hall to the Highlander Cafe for the faculty/staff dinner. Important: We are not using meal tickets this year.

7:15 pm and later - Go to Chatlos Chapel (#3 on map) for our opening session with Terrence Clark in concert. I can’t think of a better way to begin the conference than worshiping with Terrence. Following worship, you will not want to miss Rob Cook’s keynote:

Hidden in Plain Sight
The world of 2017 has built a wall to resist the truths of God. It has become almost impossible to have an overtly Christian message read by a hostile, resistant audience. We need to conceal the seeds of truth in interesting stories that connect and open hearts and minds previously closed to the gospel message. 

If you’ve not yet checked into your room in Heritage Hall, there will be someone at the desk throughout the evening.

Please note: You will receive sheets, a thin blanket  (there is a heater/air conditioner you control in each room), pillow, towel, and washcloth when you get your room key. I always bring a larger towel from home and my favorite blankie. :) Unlike a hotel, you will not find complimentary soap, shampoo, toothpaste etc. We have a small stash of essentials at the desk in Heritage Hall if you forget to bring something. 

Click here for detailed Wednesday schedule.

Need a ride on campus or help with your luggage?
See numbers are below.

Weather & What to Wear? 
Well the weather is anyone’s guess :), but it does look like we will be in the 80s instead of the 90s. I know that’s not really hot for some of you, but add Philly’s humidity and it can get quite uncomfortable. So, please, dress cool and comfortable. Shorts and capris are fine. Seriously! This is NOT a dress up
conference. There’s the possibility of rain every day, so bring an umbrella!


Marlene –  484-991-8581 (home & office) 
Cell – 267-436-2503 (only during conference)

Laura Shaffer – our “go-to” girl for questions

Eric Sprinkle – our “go-to” guy for 
rides, help with luggage, etc.

Roland Bubaker – snacks and beverages in Appointment Room
Rides, help with luggage, etc.

Paul Bagnull - rides between buildings on campus & Langhorne train station

Assistance with AV in classrooms & recording
Rob Bagnull - 610-662-8807


It's a good idea to review the following information that I posted earlier:


Keynotes and General Sessions

Please view as a PRIORITY! Come ready to focus on the Lord and hear from Him through our keynote speakers.

Continuing Sessions

Meet five times throughout the conference.


These last 60 minutes (except E7 through E12 on Wednesday that are 90 minutes).

Handouts We've gone GREEN!

Email your handouts to Margie at [email protected] no later than July 15.

Paid Critiques

A written critique is not expected, but conferees appreciate notes jotted directly on the manuscript.


For more information about how our appointment system works, click on Appointments.

Father, please give us all much wisdom to know
how You would have us respond to the conferees
we meet with.
And please
help them to hear what we're saying; not what they want to hear.


Continuing Sessions


Handouts We've gone GREEN!

Paid Critiques


Father, please give us all much wisdom to know
how You would have us respond to the conferees we meet with.
And please help them to hear what we're saying,
not what they want to hear.
Give them teachable spirits and give us sensitive hearts.

An important note to editors and agents - We are all pressed for time, but if you take a manuscript with you or request that it be sent to you, please try your best to get a response to the conferee in at least three months. If your policy is that no answer within three months means you're not interested, please make that clear to the conferee at the conference.


Book Signing
We encourage you to be part of this on Friday evening and not to miss Terry Brennan’s keynote.

Cairn University's Heritage Hall was purchased and renovated in 2005. It has a wonderful great room with lounge areas, and there is air conditioning (with a thermostat in each room) as well as wireless Internet connectivity.



If GPCWC is covering all or part of your airfare, please run the itinerary and price past me before booking to give me the option of using my Frequent Flyer Miles if the price is too high. (If you need to be reimbursed before the conference, let me know.) I suggest you visit www.orbitz.com or www.kayak.com for a helpful overview of times, prices, and airlines. The conference provides shuttle service between the airport and the conference; therefore, we are unable to reimburse you for the cost of a rental car.



Special Needs

Permission to Record

Contact Info

A FEW MORE DETAILS - thank you for reading this far. smiley

Cairn University
ATTN: Events & Facilities
Writers Conference
200 Manor Avenue
Langhorne, PA 19047

Cairn University
ATTN: Events & Facilities
Writers Conference Free Lit
200 Manor Avenue
Langhorne, PA 19047

Father, thank You in advance for what You're going to do through this year's conference. I especially pray that you will bless each faculty and staff member in special and unexpected ways.


Marlene 484-991-8581 (home & office) or mbagnull SPACE @aol.com
Cell – 267-436-2503 (only during the conference)

Barb Haley (Registrar & Appointments Coordinator)
haleybarb SPACE @yahoo.com

Roland Bubaker – rides between buildings on campus, Langhorne train station,
Radisson, and airport. Also assistance with luggage and boxes of books 267-978-9221

Paul Bagnull - rides between buildings on campus, Langhorne train station,
and the Radisson - 215-353-2464

Assistance with AV in classrooms & recording
Rob Bagnull - 610-662-8807