2015 Faculty Notes

GPCWC 2015
Pre-Conference Timeline

Please note: Dates are NOT padded!




July 8

Book flight and send itinerary to Marlene.

     —Run info by Marlene first if she is paying all/part of this.

July 10
  1.  Return contract to Marlene.
  2. Note lodging preference on contract.
    • If staying off campus (your expense), make reservation ASAP.
  3. Return Book Consignment, Order, Donation form to Marlene.
    • Scan, save as PDF or JPEG, and email. Include titles you will recommend in class.
July 17
  1.  Mail free-lit and give-away books to Cairn University.
    • Attn:  Kelly Hendrickson—Writer’s Conference Freebies              200 Manor Avenue,  Langhorne, PA  19047
  2. Mail items you want to sell to address above unless you prefer to bring with you. (20% consignment fee on items sold)
    • Click Here for consignment form REQUIRED to be included.
  3. Email hand-outs to [email protected]
    • We’re going GREEN! Handouts will be on website instead of being printed out.
  4. Expect to receive emailed manuscripts for your paid critiques (if any).
July 24
  1. Expect to receive approximate count of number in your workshop.
  2. Expect to hear from driver if you’re receiving a ride from the airport.
July 29
  1. Feel free to attend Early Bird Workshops at 1:00, 2:15, and 4:45.
  1. Rooms at Cairn University available at 1:30.
  2. Optional first-timer’s orientation at 4:00. Focus on conferees but also helpful for first-time faculty.
  3. Faculty dinner at 5:45. Get food in cafe and bring tray to Eagle’s Nest.

July 27 – I’m three days behind where I need to be, and registrations are around 35 behind last year at this time. But Father, I’m CHOOSING to trust You and to praise You.

Now . . . for some last minute info:

Counts - Below is the present count of the number signed up for workshops and continuing sessions. This number is likely to change since, as usual, not everyone has told us what they plan to take. Then, too, I tell them they are not locked into their choices but are free to go wherever Father leads them. And, I trust, we'll get last minute registrants and walk-ins. We now have 179 conferees less 14 cancelations. That's a far cry from the almost 300 conferees we’ve had in the past and the first time in 32 years of ministry that it looks like we’ll have less than 200, but God sees hearts, not numbers, and I know He will provide. 

Wednesday Early Bird Workshops 
If you arrive early, you’re more than welcome to slip into a workshop.

1:00 - 2:00
E1 A to Z of Writing the Feature/News Article -Jeanette Windle 6
E2 Devoted to Devotions - Ava Pennington 12
E3 Setting Out on the “Write” Foot - Emily Chase 5
E4 The Over 50 Writer - Chris Richards 9
E5 Subplot Sanity - Amy Deardon 8

2:15 - 3:45
E6 How to Create an E-book – Cheri Cowell 7
E7 Self Editing Intensive – Natalie Gillespie 10
E8 Let’s Focus on Your Fiction – Joyce Magnin 6
E9 You Can You Tube! – Angela Schans 9
E10 Getting the Book Inside You to Come Out – Debbie Hardy 12

4:45 - 5:45
E12 Pro/Con - Cool It! – Emily Chase (cancelled)
E13 Writing for Women – Megan Breedlove 8
E13 Writing Your Past into Your Fiction – Susan Baganz 8
E14 Prepare Ye the Way – Cindy Sproles 10
E15 Book Proposal Essentials – Jeanette Windle 13
E16 Pro-active Time Management for Writers – Karen Whiting 11

Continuing Sessions
1 Heart of the Storyteller – Allen Arnold 25
2 Master the Memoir – Marti Pieper 14
3 Writing Nonfiction Books that Change Lives – Jim Watkins 35
4 Indie Publishing – Scoti Domeij 20
5 Take Your Fiction to the Gym – Tim Shoemaker 14
6 Take Your Publishing Ministry to the Next Level – Suzanne & Shawn Kuhn 11
7 Fiction Practicum - Eva Marie Everson 12
8 Break in with Middle Grade & YA Books – Sally Apokedak 18

1A   How to Be a Confident Conferee – Dr. Harold Arnold Jr. (7)
1B   Writing the Truth – Jeff McDonald (24)
1C   The Heartbeat of Inspirational Romance (9)
1D   Craft and Publish Bible Studies – Ava Pennington (16)
1E   Proposals that Pop – Jim Hart (25)
1F   News Releases, Media Kits & More – Natalie Gillespie (12)
1G   Effective, Efficient, Engaging Websites – Jonathan Shank (18)

2A   Emotional Healing and the Writer – Peter Lundell (16)
2B   Speak Their Language – Chris Lassiter (7)
2C   Christian Fiction that Doesn’t Preach – Mike Dellosso (19)
2D   Reaching Kids with the Gospel – Terrence Clark (7)
2E   Our changing Industry – Joyce Hart (15)
2F   How to Promote Yourself & Your Book – Blythe Daniel (29)
2G   You Can Create a Digital Publication – Nina Newton (14)

3A   Prayer in the Life of the Writer – Gloria Penwell (19)
3B   Being Real in Your Writing – Peter Lundell (28)
3C   The Sound of Your Story – Joyce Magnin (15)
3D   Finding Great Stories Everywhere You Go – Natalie Gillespie (13)
3E   You Can Do It! Going Indie – Kathryn Ross (14)
3F   Content Marketing – Tyora Moody (14)
3G   Transformed Manuscripts – Karen Whiting (9)

4A   The Writer’s Heart – Susan Baganz (19)
4B   Keeping the Gospel at the center – Marty Machowski (15)
4C   Romantic Comedy – Eddie Jones (8)
4D   Great Beginnings – Jim & Joyce Hart (19)
4E   Position Yourself – Blythe Daniel (24)
4F   Branding for People Who Are Not Cows – Peter Lundell (18)
4G   E-books that Sell – Amy Deardon (17)

5A   Overcoming Spiritual Attacks – Lynn Pinder (19)
5B   Dig Deeper – Patti Shene (4)
5C   The Truth about Show Don’t Tell – Joyce Magnin (18)
5D   Writing Dynamic Bible Studies – Gloria Penwell (19)
5E   Explain to Me hte Publishing Process! – C. Hope Flinchbaugh (22) 
5F   Time to Party! – Ava Pennington (8)
5G   Launch Your First Audio Book – Eddie Jones (15)

6A   Full-Time Writing? – Deanna Garlic (4)
6B   Writing as a Ministry – Cindy Sproles (4)
6C   Here a Spec, There a Spec – Pam Halter (7)
6D   Blogging Success – Rick Marschall (28)
6E   The care and Feeding of Editors and Publishers – Chris Richards (25)
6F   Social Media for the Reluctant - Cheri Cowell (10)
6G   Jump Into Video – Patricia Durgin (13)

When you arrive on Wednesday, July 29
Before 1:30 pm - Go to the downstairs floor of the Biblical Learning Center (#1 on map). This is where you'll pick up your packet, name tag and meal tickets, consign your books, and drop off any free lit. It is also where the early bird workshops will be held beginning at 1:00 pm. Again, you are welcome to attend them.

After 1:30 pm - If you’re styaing on campus you can go to Heritage Hall (#12 on map) to check in.

Dinnertime (5:45 pm - cafeteria open until 7:00 for late arrivals) - Go directly to the  Mason Activity Center (#7 on map). Go through the cafeteria to get your food and then walk down the hall to the Eagles Nest for the faculty dinner. If you'’e not been to the Biblical Learning Center to pick up your dinner ticket, I will ask the cafeteria to let you sign in and I’ll provide the ticket later. Better still, hopefully I’ll be standing at the door to welcome you!

7:15 pm and later - Go to Chatlos Chapel (#3 on map) for our opening session or to Heritage Hall to check in to your room.

Weather & What to Wear? - Well the weather is anyone’s guess :), but it does look like it will be in the 90s all week. I know that’s not really hot for some of you, but add Philly’s humidity and it can get quite uncomfortable. So, please, dress cool and comfortable. Shorts and capris are fine. Seriously! This is NOT a dress up conference.


Marlene –  484-991-8581 (home & office) or [email protected]
Cell (during the conference only) – 267-328-7589

Paul Bagnull - rides between buildings on campus, Langhorne train station,
and the Radisson - 215-353-2464

Roland Bubaker – rides between buildings on campus, Langhorne train station,
Radisson, and airport. Also assistance with luggage and boxes of books 267-988-9221

Margie Vawter - my assistant 303-981-1487 or [email protected]

Barb Haley – Registrar, Appointments Coordinator, and Bookstore Manager
[email protected]

Sharon Conover – Assistant Bookstore Manager 610-506-8142

Assistance with AV in classrooms & recording
Rob Bagnull - 610-662-8807


It's a good idea to review the following information that I posted earlier:

Notes about Contract Terms             

Keynotes and General Sessions 

     Please view as a PRIORITY! Come ready to focus on the Lord and hear from Him through our keynote speakers.

Continuing Sessions

     Meet five times throughout the conference. 


     These last 60 minutes (except E6 through E10 on Wednesday that are 90 minutes).

Handouts — We’ve gone GREEN!

     Email your handouts to Margie at [email protected] no later than July 17.

Paid Critiques

     A written critique is not expected, but conferees appreciate notes jotted directly on the manuscript.


     For more information about how our appointment system works, click on Appointments.

Father, please give us all much wisdom to know
how You would have us respond to the conferees 
we meet with.
And please 
help them to hear what we're saying; not what they want to hear.
Give them teachable spirits and give us sensitive hearts.

An important note to editors and agents - We are all pressed for time, but if you take a manuscript with you or request that it be sent
to you, please try your best to get a response to the conferee in at least three months. If your policy is that no answer within three months means you're not interested, please make that clear to the conferee at the conference.


Ask the Agents TH 1:00-2:00 Informal Q & A with our agents. Jim Hart, will you please moderate?
Indie Publishing FR  1:00-2:00 If you provide services for indie authors or have independently published a book or ebook, please join this panel.
Critique Group in Action FR  1:00-2:00 Nancy Rue and members of her CRUE will lead this session.
Book or Magazine Editors FR/SA  9:45 am

Both panels meet each day. Agents, please sit on the Book Panels. 

Ground Rules:  Conferees are NOT to ask questions about their specific projects. 

Marlene will monitor the Book Editors Panel in the Chapel. Marti Pieper, will you monitor the Magazine Panel?


Each Editor/EditorRep/Agent will introduce himself and his house. Editorial needs are on the website, so you only need to share any “late-breaking” news in this area.

I will ask you to address the question, “How is your house (or periodical) seeking to publish His answer?”

Saturday: Each Editor/Editor Rep/Agent will share his greatest joy or greatest struggle in his work with authors.    

                    Each year we have several “missing-in-action” editors and agents. Please don’t disappoint our conferees. Thanks!


Thursday Specials        I believe these two-hour specials are an important part
                                         of preparing all of us to live and to share our faith in these critical days.
Click here for more info about

"Expanding Your Influence”
Dr. Harold Arnold Jr.  (10 am-noon)

"Postmodernism, Worldview, and You!”
Dr. J.B. Hixson (1:00-3:00)

"Dealing with Our Cultural Crisis”
Rick Marschall (3:30–5:30)

Please join us in prayer that the mailing we have sent to 750 churches will not be round-filed, and ask Father if He wants you to attend one or more of these specials or a portion. If so, please let Barb Haley at [email protected] know as soon as possible so she can save the time on your schedule. Important: If you have appointment times that are not filled, you do not need to sit in the appointment room in case someone comes. Instead, please feel free to slip into a workshop or one of these Thursday Specials. Ava or Marti will call you if you are needed.

Book Signings



Cairn University's Heritage Hall was purchased and renovated in 2005. It has a wonderful great room with lounge areas and there is air conditioning (with a thermostat in each room) as well as wireless Internet connectivity. 






Special Needs

Permission to Record


Contact Info

- thank you for reading this far :)

  1. Help spread the word - If you have a website and can link to http://philadelphia.writehisanswer.com and let your visitors know you'll be serving on our faculty, we'd appreciate it. Please also "like" our Facebook page. If you need more brochures or flyers for Teens Write and the Thursday Specials, let me know.
  2. Conference book table - You are welcome to consign books, CDs, and other special products for sale at our book table. We charge a 20% consignment fee on items sold.
  3. Please use the Book Consignment/Order/Donation form to let me know by July 10 if you are shipping or bringing your product. If you are shipping, please ship no earlier than July 17 to:

Cairn University
ATTN: Kelly Hendrickson/Writers Conference
200 Manor Avenue
Langhorne, PA 19047

Cairn University
ATTN: Kelly Hendrickson/Writers Conference Free Lit
200 Manor Avenue
Langhorne, PA 19047

Father, thank You in advance for what You're going to do through this year's conference. I especially pray that you will bless each faculty and staff member in special and unexpected ways.


Marlene – 484-991-8581 (home & office) or [email protected]
Cell (during the conference only) – 267-328-7589

Paul Bagnull (on campus transportation & from Langhorne train) – 215-353-2464

Margie Vawter (my assistant)  [email protected]

Barb Haley (Appointments Coordinator) – [email protected]